Texts From Oscar Wilde

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Daily Texts From Oscar Wilde

Texts From Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was a playwright, a poet and an incredibly quotable man.

How about a piece of his pithiness every day?

Your choice of original, LOLWilde and with a Hip Hop flair, Buck Wilde.

Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac

The style of quote to be shown can be selected by touching the button in the lower right corner of the main screen.

The hour of delivery for daily texts can also be adjusted in the Settings app under “Wilde Texts”.

Love the quote you got? Tap the button to quickly add it to your favorites and share it on Facebook.

All quotes can be quickly shared to any available service on your device, including as a picture, tweet, text message and more!

Plus more cool features!

  • Tap and hold on the quote to copy it to the clipboard and paste it in other applications.
  • Install the included Today Widget to get the daily quote in Notification Center.
  • Search for quotes easily from Spotlight search. All quotes are indexed and searchable on your iOS device.
  • Your bookmarked quotes are easily accessible and are synced with your other devices automatically in your iCloud account.
  • Split View is supported on iPad and iPad Pro.
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